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Morehall News

Folkestone Morehall is a ward of Folkestone West county division, represented on Kent County Council by Lib Dem Tim Prater.

The Liberal Democrat Action Team are working for Morehall throughout the year, and keep in touch regularly through Focus and through E-FOCUS direct via email too.

If you would like to receive a copy of Morehall E-Focus (free!) in future, simply email your name and address to tim@shepwaylibdems.org.uk - we'll add you to the mailing list.

Morehall News

Recent News about Morehall from this website.

  • Police (Kent Police on Facebook)
    Article: Aug 13, 2013
    By PCSO 56668 ZAZO, PCSO 56599 TAPPENDEN & PCSO 56392 BALL in Kent Police Update

    PCSO's Laura Zazo and Mark Ball attended Stockholm Court in Cheriton and spoke with residents regarding their concerns. A talk/discussion was presented outlining Officer duties and their current police powers.

    Whilst attending Maplins Electronics Ltd in relation to a report of Theft/Shoplifting, PCSO Mark Ball also viewed the stores CCTV footage regarding a previous incident. The male suspect was instantly recognised and was subsequently arrested.

  • Article: Jul 12, 2013
    By PCSO 56668 ZAZO, PCSO 56599 TAPPENDEN & PCSO 56392 BALL in Monthly Kent Police Update

    On Tuesday 4th June 2013 local officers Mark Ball and Laura Zazo attended Cheriton Food & Wine in relation to a report of Theft from the store. From being a basic description of the group officers were able to quickly identify the suspects, who were stopped in Somerset Road and subsequently arrested.

  • Article: Jun 11, 2013
    By PCSO 56668 ZAZO, PCSO 56599 TAPPENDEN & PCSO 56392 BALL in Monthly Kent Police Update

    On Saturday 11th May 2013 PCSO Mark Ball hosted a Residents Meeting at All Souls Church Hall. Residents as well as local Councillors attended in order to discuss the issue of Anti-social behaviour surrounding Cheriton Park. Several key action points were established.

    On Monday 13th May PCSO Mark Ball attended a Road Traffic Collision (RTC) on the A20 involving two vehicles. Appropriate road closure signage was implemented and traffic management put in place. No persons were injured.

  • Article: May 8, 2013
    By PCSO 56668 ZAZO, PCSO 56599 TAPPENDEN & PCSO 56392 BALL in Monthly Kent Police Update

    PCSO Mark Ball attended the One Stop in Cheriton Road in relation to a report of Robbery. From viewing the stores CCTV Officer Ball was able to ascertain the direction of travel before and after the event. From checking other local stores CCTV footage it was determined that the original target had been The Coop. Footage shows the male suspect attempting to enter the store just before they were scheduled to open and upon being unable to gain access proceeded to the One Stop. This investigation is currently on going.

  • Bicycle Stands
    Article: Apr 15, 2013
    By County Councillor Tim Prater in Response to Spokes East Kent Cycle Campaign Questionnaire

    Spokes East Kent Cycle Campaign have sent a questionnaire to all local Kent County Council candidates asking their views on cycling locally and how they would seek to improve it. Their questions, and my answers, are below.

    1. Widespread 20 mph speed limits are increasingly being implemented across the country in places that people live, work, and shop. They provide a cost-effective means to reducing the number and severity of casualties and make our streets more accessible to pedestrians and cyclists whilst having smoothing traffic flow. Kent County Council regularly receive requests for widespread 20mph limits to be implemented. Will you act to support the adoption of widespread 20mph limits? If so, which specific actions do you plan to take? If you do not support widespread 20mph limits please explain why not.

  • Tim Prater Poster
    Article: Apr 15, 2013

    As you may know, in a few weeks on May 2nd there will be elections to Kent County Council. I've been honoured to serve as your Liberal Democrat County Councillor for the last four years. It really doesn't seem that long!

    I remember how close the result was in Folkestone West in 2009. We overturned a Conservative majority of over 1,300 votes to take the seat with a majority of 11. Four years on, we are fighting to win again.

  • Article: Apr 11, 2013

    Award winning Kent political journalist Paul Francis has tipped the Liberal Democrats as likely to hold all its existing seats on Kent County Council - including the Folkestone West seat snatched from the Conservatives in 2009 by Tim Prater.

    In his analysis of the prospects for the main parties in the forthcoming Kent County Council elections, Paul Francis sees the likely outcome that the Conservatives will retain control of the County Council but with a "significantly reduced majority", and that the Liberal Democrats are likely to hold its existing seats.

  • Article: Mar 14, 2013

    This is the update for the month of February, for Sandgate, Cheriton, and surrounding areas.

    On Friday 1st February 2013 PCSO's Mark Ball and Gary Carr stopped a group of young persons who were reported to have been causing a disturbance in The Coop. As a result of their actions the group was subsequently banned from the store.

  • Article: Feb 8, 2013
    By PCSO 56599 Karen Tappenden & PCSO 56392 Mark Ball in Monthly Kent Police Update

    On Sunday 30th December PCSO Mark Ball attended One Stop in Cheriton Road in relation to a report of Shoplifting. From viewing the stores CCTV Officer Ball identified the male who was subsequently arrested.

    On Friday 4th January 2013 PCSO Mark Ball and PCSO Gary Carr attended Bouverie Place Shopping Centre in relation to a report of nuisance youths who were verbally abusive to members of the public. The group were stopped and quickly identified and moved on from the area. Parents will be informed of their conduct.

  • Street lights mean 30mph poster
    Article: Jan 12, 2013

    Kent County Council are finalising proposals to remove over 3,000 streetlights across Kent, including over 200 in Shepway.

    Kent justifies this decision (and they claim it is a decision, not a consultation) on the basis that it saves energy and money. They add that when the County Council budget was consulted on, many people backed the view that unnecessary streetlights, such as those on Thanet Way, should be removed.

Morehall Planning Updates

The most recent planning applications in Morehall, powered by the Shepway District Council website.